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Portable Roll-up 49-Key Soft Keyboard Piano: Toys

৳ 2,250.00
Hundreds of others have already discovered this easy to use, easy to store Roll Up Piano. It is designed in mini and compact size, that is portable, simply roll it up and put inside the storage bag, you can bring it everywhere. Its ready for playing after unfolded, it can connect externally home theater, and stereo, brings more joys and happiness during family parties and gatherings. It’s not only for professional players, but good for beginners as well, connect it with earphone (Not included), one can play it silently and not disturb anyone. with numerous functions and settings such as recording and demonstrative songs, which serves as supplementary tools during practice. Feature:

• High quality flexible rubber keyboard with Soft, ultra-pliable keys (silicon-rubber / ABS resin)

• Ultra thin and light electronic organ with music. • Fully-adjustable, illuminated volume control • Built-in Sweet-sounding internal speaker • Rated Voltage: DC 6V (Battery AA1.5V X 3PCS) (Power Supply & Batteries are Not supplied) • Output: 500MW • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm • Perfect gift for your children and you

USB Blowing Control LED Lamp

৳ 750.00
  • Watt Blowing Control LED Lamp
  • LED light eyes
  • 0.55 Watt energy-saving bulbs
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Suitable for home decoration
  • Built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • After fully charged, the light can be used up to 5hrs
  • Made of high quality durable ABS plastic.
  • Turn off the lamp immediately if air blows in
  • Adjust brightness with 3 levels through rotary control on side burner
  • Shines light yellow colored with fluorescent LED
  • Fire safety without the need for oil
  • Does not create smoke
  • Lamp chimney design classic
  • Compact, lightweight, portable, easy to move
  • Longest continuous use per charge 4-5 hrs at a time
  • Charge via USB connection

অ্যালুমিনিয়াম ক্রেডিট কার্ড হোল্ডার

৳ 239.00
অ্যালুমিনিয়াম ক্রেডিট কার্ড হোল্ডার ৬টি পকেট ১১টি পর্যন্ত কার্ড রাখা যায় RFID sniffing & Magnetic Damage থেকে রক্ষা করে প্লাস্টিক